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Cayo Naranjo Ave. Mártires No. 108 Bariay Carretera Guardalavaca, Km 48, Cayo Naranjo, Holguín

One of the three small keys located in Bahía de Naranjo, where visitors can enjoy the dolphinarium and tour the zoo-aquarium. Swim with dolphins and show with dolphins and sea lions. Dinner with lobster and rice with seafood, amid other plates. After dinner, Folkloric Show. Open Bar

Cayo Saetía Cayo Saetía, Holguín

At the entrance to Nipe Bay, this is the largest key in the Cuban archipelago. This Marine and Natural Park which provides you with a unique opportunity to enjoy a dazzling flora and fauna. The 65% of its 42 km² of surface area is covered in natural forests which provide a habitat in which various species of exotic animals, such as antelope, zebra and deer, roam freely. It is also one the busiest migratory bird corridors in the Americas. An ever blue sea of transparent waters, fine sand beaches, and a perfectly preserved landscape await you. This is a place for the practice of ecotourism, hiking, adventure tourism and diving. There is lodging available and conditions for the practice of yacht trips, jeep safaris and others.

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Bahía de Naranjo Natural Park Holguín

It stretches along 32 km of coast and covers an area of 1,000 hectares. In the coastal area there are spots with mangrove trees, marshy tropical forests and endemic trees, offering the option of following ecotourism paths and enjoying other outdoor activities. It has three small keys and an aquarium with dolphin and sea lion shows. You might also taste the sea food and the native cuisine. 

Swimming with dolphins Acuario Cayo Naranjo, Holguín

Swimming with the dolphins is extrraordinarily exciting. You can enjoy an unforgettable swim with the friendly dolphins of the Cayo Naranjo recreation park located in the middle of peaceful Bahia de Naranjo (Naranjo Bay).

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